Obligé by nature for our natural and organic skin and body care products

Most average body care products found on store shelves today take advantage of the "natural" trend to trick the consumer into thinking that their product is natural or organic. It is a well known practice that consists in adding natural ingredients to a product in order to attract the consumer. There is no question that the natural ingredient or ingredients are in the product, but there is also no questio that the product also contains a range of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colorants and fragrances which both damage and strip the moisture away from your skin, eventually drying it out. Cheap synthetic waxes, oils or more sophisticated synthetic products are used to chemically coat your skin to make it "feel soft", but in actuality these products hide the misery behind the veil. Your skin may appear good, your body will take the hit. 

Oblige by Nature's Skin Care Line is based on quality and simplicity. Our creams are wax-free, our moisturizers are complicately simple, our cleansers are sulfate-free, our oils are nutritively rich, our hydrolates are exquisitely affordable.

Oblige by Nature's Body Care Line, including the world-renowned authentic Marseille Olive Oil Soap, our sulfate-free Body Washes, our exclusive Fluid Body Moisturizer and our wax-free body lotion contain the highest quality organic ingredients we can find like Shea Butter, Jojoba, Olive, Coconut, Hemp and Rose Hip Seed Oils, formulated to protect and provide deep nourishment to your skin, leaving it feeling silky, smooth and soft.

Oblige by Nature's Hair Care Line resembles no other line on the market. It is different, only because it is authentic. Some people think that Hair being out and above the skin, it doesn't deserve the "good Natural" products. Synthetic ones are fine especially when they are easy to use and quite effective. Efficient first, natural after. We turn it around, natural first, efficient after. It is a matter of principles. 

And as with all of our products, we use NO synthetic chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic waxes or sulfates in our ingredients. Our products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and we do not test our products on animals or use ingredients that are tested on animals.