Marseille Soap


The traditional Marseille soap as its name suggests it, comes originally from the town of MARSEILLE,  FRANCE

It is still crafted today using the same strict traditional methods of the seventeenth century.

It is the result of a saponification process involving a delicate mixture of olive oil, alkaline ashes from sea plants and Mediterranean Sea salt.

The mixture is heated for 10 days in huge antique cauldrons, stirred constantly then poured into open pits and allowed to cure. After settling slightly, it is cut into bars and left to harden the most natural way.

It is then exposed for 10 days in the sun and mistral winds, the whole process requiring no less than a month from start to ready finish. The fine white powder on the surface of the soap is a bit of sea salt, it disappears when the soap is wet .This characteristic affirms the authenticity of genuine SAVON DE MARSEILLE.  It is traditionally green or white; the white is made from palm oil, the green from olive oil.

The Marseille soap is recommended by dermatologists throughout the world for its incredible purity and low alkalinity showing moisturizing properties for dry skin and other ailments and is also known to be an ideal allied for sensitive skin. It is highly recommended for babies or the elderly.

Marseille Soap