Why Do most of Obligé by Nature s product contain Rosehip seed oil?




The certified USDA NOP organic Rosehip seed oil we use in our products comes directly from the grower/producer in Chile. The Rosehip Seed Oil is a cold pressed oil, which is extracted and filtered from the seeds of rose bushes, mostly Rosa rubiginosa (also known as Sweet Briar Rose) and Rosa muscatta (also known as Musk Rose) which grow wild in the south region of Chile.



Our Rosehip seed oil contains the following fatty acids (including high amounts of the two essential omega fatty acids):

C 18:2w6 Linoleic acid 41 – 51 % (Omega 6 essential fatty acid)

C 18:3w3 Linolenic acid 28 – 38 % (Omega 3 essential fatty acid)

C 18:1 Oleic acid 13 – 15 %

C 16:0 Palmitic acid 3 - 8 %

C 18:0 Stearic acid 1 – 3 %

Omega fatty acids are called "essential" because our body is not able to produce them from other sources. They are known to be necessary as constituents of cell membranes, in the synthesis of the hormone-like prostaglandins, and in the regeneration of the skin cells and during the repair of tissues.

It is valuable for skin conditions and also moisturizes dry or very dry skin.

Rosehip seed oil also contains retinol (Vitamin A), and vitamin C which assist the production of collagen & elastin, which make the skin look smooth, firm and supple. The natural process of removing old skin cells and cleaning hair follicles is enhanced giving a cleaner youthful appearance.